FARMA presents – T 14 4 WD

FARMA proudly presents our latest contribution to our Generation 2 series, T14 4WD. A trailer built on the user’s terms. The T14 4WD has a hydraulic drive system as standard and is equipped with 600/50–22.5 wheels. The wider tyres give low ground pressure which reduces damage in forest floor. The octagonal, bent centre profile, frame steering and the hydraulic folding railing set´s us up with a trailer ready to meet even the toughest of challenges.


The level of standard equipment is high. Hydraulic drive, 600/50–22.5 wheels with drum brakes on all four tires, four moveable banks, movable bogie and a hydraulic folding railing. The hidden hoses and integrated LED rear lights in the chassis, which gives good protection to vulnerable parts during forestry work. The trailer is also available with hydraulic rear extension. The trailer can be equipped with our well proven cranes C 8.5 and C 7.0 with the lifting power of 520kg (8.5) to 720kg (7.0) on full reach. The cranes can be customized to your particular needs when it comes to controls, we offer the market’s most extensive range of valves. Everything from the simplest multi-lever control to our most advanced valve.

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